Our high school of approximately 111 students allows us to offer college preparatory classes through rigorous individualized classroom instruction, collaborative programs, postsecondary options, and virtual instruction.  The high school curriculum includes a full range of mathematics, science, social science, and language arts offerings. Academic opportunities in science, technology, engineering and math are also emphasized in vocational education.  These departments play an important role in our services to students and include courses designed to prepare students for life, college and the work force.  Our high school students have access to excellent technology.  Chromebooks are issued to each freshman and sophomore and laptops are issued to each junior and senior.  83% of the graduating class of 2014 exited with plans for a postsecondary education.

Our middle school students have access to career exploration courses and foreign language.  Our experienced middle school team works with the individual student to ensure that they successfully navigate the developmental transitions that are a part of adolescent growth and are fully prepared for high school.

Our elementary school maintains small class sizes.  For grades 4K-4 this ensures a personalized and successful start for our young learners.  Our elementary staff follows the principles of Responsive Classroom and focuses their professional development on best practices in literacy.  In cooperation with the YMCA our four-year-old kindergarten is located at John E. Alexander South Wood County YMCA. Our program is half days and is in session five days per week.